About Us!

Welcome to Kigurumi Paradise! Here's a little something about us.

We are one of the proud official Sazac Kigurumi retailer. This seal is our proof to you that we truly are giving you only the best of the best!

A paradise where everyone is wearing their favorite kigurumi! Ever since 2014 we've been satisfying customers with our services by supplying you with the best products there is to offer. Kigurumi Paradise is a place where we make sure you're comfortable and happy with the products we give you!

Not only did my one-eyed cat love it, but I did too! Trying to stay warm in all the right places can be hard when you're wedged into the crease of your couch, your book stuffed up to your nose, and your old cat on your lap-- and a blanket can only do so much, one wrong move and cold air is invading your comfortable ozone of warmth. So the only thing I could turn to, was a kigurumi of course!

The perfect thing to melt into while your cat is lazing on you, and your book is shoved into your face. Well of course, it is great for things other than that, but that's what got me attached to kigurumi. It's be natural to want to share such a luxury, so that's why Kigurumi Paradise was created! Helping everyone stay warm and comfortable, in a fun way!

Kigurumi Paradise is still growing, and it would be more than a pleasure to have you join our growing family! 







Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY